5 Light Aircraft Accessories to Enhance Your Flight Experience

5 Light Aircraft Accessories to Enhance Your Flight Experience

Flying is an exhilarating experience, and with the right accessories, it can be even more enjoyable and safe. Here are five top accessories that every light aircraft owner should consider:

  1. LED Exterior Lighting: Starting with the exterior, LED lighting is a crucial upgrade. AeroLEDs, for instance, offers the Sunspot PAR36 light, which is more efficient and durable than traditional bulbs. These lights consume less power and are shock and vibration-resistant, making them ideal for the demanding environment of an aircraft​.

  2. Rubber Refueling Mats for Airplane Refueling: A practical yet often overlooked accessory is a good rubber refueling mat. For instance, the Mannino Enterprises Rubber Airplane Refueling Mat available on Amazon is a great choice. This refueling mat ensures that your aircraft stays unscathed during refueling, maintenance, or when parked. The importance of this simple tool cannot be overstated for safety and convenience.

  3. LED Interior Lighting Solutions: Moving to the interior, Aveo Engineering offers an array of LED lighting products. Their Andromeda lights and ZipTips wingtips are innovative solutions that enhance both the aesthetics and safety of your aircraft. The integration of landing and taxi lights with strobe and nav lights in the ZipTips is particularly impressive for enhanced visibility​​.

  4. Cockpit Instrument Lighting: Proper lighting in the cockpit is essential, especially for night flights. Post lighting and lighting trays are popular solutions. These not only ensure visibility of instruments but also add a modern touch to older panels. Lighting trays, in particular, mimic the look of newer internally illuminated instruments, providing a cost-effective upgrade​.

  5. Glareshield Lighting: Lastly, glareshield lighting adds both utility and aesthetic appeal. The Fibrelite Glow Strip by SPT, for example, offers soft, uniform illumination. This lighting not only reduces glare but also makes non-lighted controls and switches more visible, enhancing safety during flights​​.

These accessories are more than just add-ons; they're investments in both the enjoyment and safety of your flying experience. Whether you're flying at night or just want to enhance your aircraft's functionality and appearance, these accessories are sure to elevate your flight experience!

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